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Express Freight Fowarding Services

Once a problem is identified and it is concluded that the only choice is to put on a “special” to move some parts from one point to another point where they will be used before a production line stops we immediately ask the following questions?

What is your deadline? In other words how many hours do you have before your customer/company runs out of parts?

What is the shipment? How is it packed, how many boxes/pallets, what are the dimensions, can the pallets be broken down?

At what time are the goods ready for pickup, can they be ready earlier?


Are there any special circumstances that must be taken into consideration?

In other words are the goods restricted?

Are they oversized, fragile, extremely valuable?

This initial consultation is always taken over the phone immediately.

A solution to your problem is typically found as soon as possible meaning everyone associated with the shipment can relax and be fully up to speed at a moments notice.

We’ll contact the supplier/customer/partner and arrange pickup.

We will talk directly with your customer and offer reassurance and complete layout of the shipment.

So once a price and a solution has been agreed we will sort the shipping allowing you to concentrate on other matters.